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Stranger, Stranger
I have decided to say good-bye to this journal for the most part. I think I may still keep it around, and hopefully be much better about reading friend's entries, but I plan on purging it as well. It's more or less because of all the "personal" information I let sit here unattended, while letting strangers read. I guess, while impossible, I'd like a clean start. So I am going to do my best to tidy loose ends.

I thank everyone who has read this at some point, the good and the bad. It feels good to have a place to let out my frustrations and to have people respond to them.

However, I rarely use the site anymore, and though I have tried to force myself, it's just not something I find myself wanting to use as much as when I was younger.

I do feel a sadness, and a nostalgia now, while cleaning and deleting entries/into/people. Please believe me when I say that this was important to me.

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Stranger, Stranger
02 July 2009 @ 12:08 pm

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Thanks to all of you for making my journal Zelda-ified and such. If any of you have a probelm with me using your pictures, please let me know. :)

I do not own the rights to any of these pictures and no profit is being gained.

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Stranger, Stranger
Sadly, the communities I actually put effort into maintaining aren't doing as well as the one I started and abandonded. Ironic.

(Once again, members of that community I am very sorry. I honestly had no idea there were so many members.)

silent_but_loud ~ My graphics. w00t.

onwindsbreath ~ Go there and post a challenge or take one to make your Zelda expericence totally different!
banjo_kazooie ~ The first (and only!) community for Banjo-Kazooie!
cosmosmastery ~ More Later.
(shameless promotions w00t.)
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Stranger, Stranger
12 December 2006 @ 08:22 pm
Wow. Such joy and feelings I have never experienced.

My mom called at 4:03pm. Told me to call the game store. I did. My reserved game was there. Waiting for me. I yelled for two minutes while dancing around the house. I laughed. I yelled more.

Went to Target for Christmas presents. Went to Game Store.

I actually held myself pretty well. I chatted with "my best friend", who is a cashier that works there. My mom bought my reserved copy. I get it on Christmas.

Didn't play the Wii because Lala was hungry. Went to Subway down the street.

Lost it.

I cried all the way home. I was bawling. Tears everywhere.

Now, even as I type, tears fight their way out.

I finally own the Twilight Princess.

There are no words to express such joy. Such spiritual feelings.

I did chores just so I could hold the game before my mom packed it away until December 25th 2006. I cried agian.

Told my family that I don't want anything else for Christmas. I tell you the same, friends. I don't want and or need anything for Christmas. Do not feel bad. Do not get me anything. I am being 100% serious.

Happy Holidays.
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